Well, you try to find out which one of us is is lying! If you guess three times in a row, you win!

—The girls in the Operations Room

Who's the Liar? (うそつき だれだ, Usotsuki Dare Da) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Play a guessing game with the three girls and find out who is the liar in three rounds.


Note: The previous event must have been cleared before this event can be activated

Enter the Operations Room in Ranch Summit and talk to one of the three girls to start the event.

The girls will have you play three games that require finding the liar each time and giving them a special badge. The first one will involve basic knowledge of Tomba 2, such as evil pig bags and knowing what the weapons do. The second one will require you to listen closely to each girl to find out who is the liar and who is being honest. Finally, the third one will require you to watch closely to see which girl gets which balls.

First game

Each girl will state a random fact about a game mechanic, weapon, character or scenery. Give the Badge of Liars to the girl who gives the false statement.

Dwarf Guard (Sprite)
Statement True/False
After grabbing the enemy, you can kill him by tossing him or striking him! True
Did you know? To get a stronger attack, press and hold Circle, and then release it! True
Old man Kainen often uses his right hand to rub his back. True
Old Man Kainen wears a red hat! True
The Blue Fruit can restore 4 strength points! False
The Fire Hammer has the ability to melt ice! True
The house that burned down in the Town of the Fishermen has a bird mark in the window. False
The Red Fruit can restore 1 strength point. True
The weapon that Tomba has from the start is called a Blackjack! True
There are four Golden Crabs! True
Tomba can attack in three directions at once, while holding an item! True
Tomba can grab an enemy and suck in Magic Power! True
Tomba can't make an aimed attack when being grabbed by someone! False
Tomba's friend Charles is a monkey who wears fancy pants! True
Use the Animal Dash to run fast! True
With a single Pig Bag, you can capture any number of Evil Pigs! False
With the hammer, you can break up any rock! False
You can fill the bucket with either hot or cold water! True
You can use the Magic Wings to fly to a distant place! True
You need a Pig Bag to find out where the Evil Pigs are! True
You used the Ice Boomerang to put out the Cappers' fires. True
Zippo and Gran are acquainted! True

Second game

Next, listen to the 3 stories. Then find the liar!

The girls will now give hints on which one of them who is the liar. It's important to remember that two of the girls are telling the truth. Give the Badge of Liars to the liar.

Third game

OK. Last problem! Watch our movements closely!

The girls will now throw four balls (red, green, blue and white) between each other and then claim which balls they have on them. Give the Badge of Liars to the lying girl. This one is easily solved if one of the girls says she didn't get a ball, which is very unlikely since each girl tosses at least one ball to their neighbor.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese うそつき だれだ (Usotsuki Dare Da)
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