I must say Win, you are truly a genius!


Win is an inventor in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. He lives next to the Waterfall by the Waterfall of Heavens. He is only shown in the beginning of the game and mentioned later in Water Temple, as he is also the inventor of the Minitta Machine. He is voiced by Ian Reddoch.

In the event Win's Windmill!, Tomba must give Win three Golden Crabs in order to active one of Win's inventions and progress further in the game.


He is only featured in the second game, where he can be found inside his Windmill in the Waterfall of Heavens. He helps Tomba and Zippo reaching Pipe Area before going to Ark. He is not seen anywhere in the game from this point, beside the secret ending that can be unlocked by clearing every primary event in the game.



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