With the Nishiki Bird (ニシキ鳥と共に・・・, Nishiki Tori to Tomo ni..., lit. With the Nishiki Bird...) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. You need to have the Chick from an Egg, Where is the Bird's Nest? and Feed the Chicks events in order to complete this event.


Return the two Nishiki Bird to the Mini Temple in the Water Temple.


Note: If you haven't completed the events mentioned above, you will not be able to complete this event.

When you reach the Mini Temple, talk to the mouse inside to activate the event. He will give you the item Nishiki's Wings.

Do not go back to Tomba's normal size, since it is required to be in the Mini form when you fetch the Nishiki Bird. Go to Town of the Fishermen using Magic Wings or Baron and climb the same tree as in the Where is the Bird's Nest? event and you will be automatically teleported back to the Mini Temple together with the Nishiki Birds. The event is cleared.

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