Wobbly Wharf グラグラ桟橋 (Guragura Sankyou, lit. Shaking Bridge) is a small location in Tomba!. It lies between the Forest of 100 Flowers and the Charity Square. This is the location with the least amount of events in the game. It is also where you meet Baron for the first time.



The area is water-filled and has a long wooden bridge leading to the Charity Square. There are several floating enemies known as Butamushi in the area. At the end is a pole which Tomba can use to reach the door.

Before the curse has been broken

Brown leaves cover the floor, spores have seized the top of the trees, and the bushes are faded and withering. The water is a murky blue.

After the curse has been broken

Bright green grass with smaller flowers are on the ground, and pink flowers are at the top of the trees, and the bushes are a lively green. The water is clear blue.




  • The restored wharf
  • Tomba swims underneath the wharf
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