For the event with the same name, see Yan of the Hidden Village (event).
It is said that there is a Hidden Village located somewhere...well, it's hidden. Yan is a resident of this village and loves to play hide and go seek. If you are able to find him, he should tell you various nuggets of valuable information.

—The manual

Yan of the Hidden Village (or simply Yan) is a character who makes his first appearance in the first game in the Hide and Go Seek event, were Tomba must find Yan as he hides in different areas of the game. He is voiced by J.S. Gilbert in the second game.

He lives in the Hidden Village, which is located above the Lava Caves. He also appears in an additional event in the second game, that the player must unlock by using a save file from the first game.



Just like the other people in the Hidden Village, he loves to hide. He shares some secrets to Tomba during their game of hide-and-seek.



Yan is first found inside the small house leading to Ol' Pond and then later on the road to the 100 Year Old Wise Man's hut, where he wants Tomba to play hide-and-go-seek with him. After his game of hide-and-seek has ended, he can be found in his home village; the Hidden Village. He gives Tomba a golden bowl, for playing the game with him. 

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

Yan is only found if the additional events are activated. He can be found inside the room with a laughing door in Circus Village, where he is hiding behind a camouflaged blanket.


All of the events below are secondary, with the exception of the event in the second game, that is an additional event.


Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return



Artwork of Yan in Tomba!

  • Yan as he appears in the Tomba! 2 event "Yan of the Hidden Village"
  • Yan (HD Image)
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